Winn Full Well Fly Cap Butt Grip 1.5"

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Winn turns two standard fly rod grip designs into a wide spectrum of options with its unique imprints and colorful designs. Fly pattern available in burgundy and natural, and fish scale pattern available in natural and black. Both have the tacky feel and all weather performance that separates Winn grips from the rest.


Winn's superior polymer grip technology puts control and comfort quite literally in the angler’s hand and provides tacky sure-grip security even in cold and wet conditions!

What it does

  • Provides tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions including rain, snow and sub-freezing temperatures
  • Provides comfort and control; varied textures provide support and grip comfort where they are needed most!

| 1.50" Length | 0.275" ID

Angler Benefits

  • All-day comfort
  • Supreme control
  • Longer, more accurate casting
  • Control when fighting big fish