RODgeeks - 9' | 4 piece, 6 weight PINK PEARL CARBON 4 FLY ROD SERIES - C4F906.4

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ALL RODgeeks blanks and colours are available by special order.  If you do not see the blank you are looking for listed here, give us a call and we will order it.

The RODgeeks fly rod blanks will surely earn the approval of fly rod geeks. They are made with our high modulus, high strain Carbon 4 material, and they feature fast actions. These blanks are light in weight and small in diameter, yet they are strong and durable. All are 4 piece designs that have tight ferrule fits and very smooth overall tapers.

Many fly rod blanks that are touted as “high performance” only load up properly when they are carrying long lines. Ours are different. Like the others, they work great when making long casts, but they also load up beautifully when making false casts with shorter line lengths. The actions are great, and the backbone is there, too. These blanks feel alive the whole time they are being fished.