U-40 Quik-Bond 10-Minute Rod Bond

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Quik-Bond has all the same features and benefits you have come to know and love about Rod Bond, such as:

  • Easy to mix, very forgiving
  • Stays where you put it without dripping and running
  • Note: these top two features make rod-building classes much easier
  • Bonds almost any material to any material, i.e. cork, metal, wood, graphite, fiberglass, EVA, etc.
  • Can be used for bonding cork rings, cork handles, EVA foam handles, reel seats, butt caps, ferrules, winding checks, hosels, rod tips, etc. Feel free to use your imagination.
  • Can be molded, drilled, sanded, tapped, colored, etc.
  • Has a knack for being a rod builder's dependable friend

Quik-Bond adds yet one more helpful feature which sets it apart:

  • Begins setting up in about 15 minutes at 70° F and about 10 minutes at 90° F. In less than one hour bonded parts can be handled freely. This saves you time when you need it without sacrificing any 'Rod Bond' benefits.